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Our design philosophy

There are so many things that originally attracted us to Yucatán and its architecture. The use of natural, sensuous building materials, such as stone, wood and iron. The indoor/outdoor flow of space, where nature is always close at hand. The majesty of soaring ceilings and solid walls. The sense of history at every turn.

The cumulative effect of all these qualities is of authenticity – a place where plastic and sheetrock seem thankfully out of place.

In our work, we strive to get to the heart of this authenticity, to express the genuine spirit of Yucatán. We don’t do Disney theme sets. We don’t do cookie-cutter solutions and Miami Beach primary colors. We hope always to be true to the spirit of Yucatán – its heritage, history and culture – while always being mindful of modern comforts, tastes and lifestyles.

Private townhouse on Calle 68 Mexican Restaurant, Munich, Germany Private home on Calle 68
Private home on Calle 68 Casa Catherwood Gallery Private home on Calle 72
Private home on Calle 64 Private home on Avenida Reforma Private home on Calle 81
Penthouse condominium, New York City Private house on Calle 53 Private House Calle 64A
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