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Establishing a relationship with a designer and contractor is almost like getting married, and is frequently defined by the same milestones:
Love at first sight
How many times have we heard from new clients, "Oh, we love you so much!! How lucky we are to have met you!! You are wonderful!!" With maturity we have come to realize that this kind of puppy love is short lived. Adolescent giddiness generally leads to disappointment when more adult realities set in. And in fact, when we observe such behavior in new clients, we have learned to run the other way. Our personals ad would read: "Levelheaded mature adult seeks same."
The "pre-nup"
Little by little, the romantic delirium subsides, and the parties grow more levelheaded as they iron out the details of the contract for working together. Done properly, this phase will lay the groundwork for a solid and mature professional relationship.
The wedding day
The plans are finished, brilliant and approved! Now we can begin the actual project! It is always a day of celebration!
After the honeymoon
This is the time when the relationship is most tested. The youthful glow of wide-eyed optimism has dulled, and only the strong (and mature) survive.

As in any enduring marriage, a successful professional relationship between client and designer/contractor can only be achieved when both parties demonstrate mutual trust and respect, and when both strive to maintain an open and honest dialog. The success or failure of such a relationship is therefore a 50/50 responsibility.
While not even the tightest "pre-nup" nor professional contract can guarantee smooth sailing, at Worldstudio International we have tried to create a series of strategies and processes – outlined herein – to make the sometimes intimidating process of renovation in a foreign country go as seamlessly as possible.
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