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About permits

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Officially – that is, according to the Reglamento de Construcciones del Municipio de Mérida – no permits are required if you are not changing anything that might affect the structural integrity of the building.

This means that simply painting your façade or interior walls, installing new flooring, repairing cracks or broken cement, stucco, etc. – even installing new ironwork or other decorative features, or even new bathroom fixtures – are all possible to execute without permits.

However, that said, performing even these simple modifications in Centro can still prove to be a hassle without permits. Invariably, the work crew will park a truck in front of the property to unload materials, or to pick up refuse. And invariably at that very moment the police or officials from the Ayuntamiento will pass by, ask to see your permit, and before you have a chance to remind them that you do not need a permit for this type of work, they will slap you with a summons and fine, and you will have no choice but to shut down the work until you get to the Ayuntamiento to complain and set things straight. This can cause delays of several days or even more. Because of this rather ludicrous fact, we always recommend the sometimes arduous chore of acquiring permits, regardless of the scope of the project. 

The process 

Depending on the specifics of your project, we may be required to seek the following permits:
• License for demolition
• License for construction
• Authorization for the construction of a fosa séptica in an existing property
• Proof of the termination of the project
• Authorization for occupation
Whatever your specific project may require, Worldstudio International will handle all the details. This entails several visits to both INAH and the Ayuntamiento, with stacks of paperwork in hand. Some of the things required by these institutions are supplied by us; many others must be supplied by the client and are listed below. Your having them ready for us well in advance of beginning the project will aid in the processing of your permits.

General requirements for permits

• Letter of intent stating the use of the property/home and generally describing the changes or additions you wish to make
• Letter from owner authorizing Worldstudio International to apply for the permits and to execute the modifications
• Copy of your original deed for the property (every page)
• Copy of the croquis catastral. This can be found in your deed.
• Proof of currency of impuesto predial
• Photos of the property in its current condition
• Architectural plan to scale of the property as it currently is, showing location of fosa séptica and cisterna
• Architectural elevation of the property façade as it currently is
• Architectural plan of the new design showing all planned modifications
• Architectural elevation of the new façade showing all planned modifications
• Authorization of INAH for the work to be performed


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